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Trå test New Leitwolf in Norway

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 27.05.2013

Having read about it, and seen it at Innsbruck, the time had came for to test the New Leitwolf. Following a beautiful day travelling in +20degrees Celcius, the test day conditions were far from ideal. The cloud was low and rendered visibility very poor but the test would continue..and we did see two minutes of blue sky!

The test took place on Norway's Summer skiing glacier at Galdhopiggen (2469m) following some of the heaviest rain seen in Norway for several years. So inevitably the snow was wet, heavy and very spring like but Trå would like to say a special thanks to the staff at the skicenter and Juvasshytta for their hospitality.

So, what was new or different about it? What was it like? at Trå we know everyone has their favourites and we guess you have done some reading yourselves but in short, Prinoth have boasted of the new more powerful and environmentally pleasing engine, wider blade and tracks, improved cabin and the unprecedented parallel offset tiller to name just a few things. Many other improvements are not so easy to see or test so these have not been recorded but we wanted to conduct an unbiased, fair test, looking purely at the machine in hand and initial experience.

After doing the checks, the first thing was to climb in and initial impressions were that the padded and shaped Recaro was very inviting and did not disappoint. The distance to pedal, height, backrest and lumbar were all adjustable, the heated facility and fully Zadjustable arms have a setting for everyone! the new display screen is clear and all necessary information is easily observed. Suspension height, tiller information, engine figures etc are all on the primary screen and their active status is easily monitored thanks to green/red /grey colour coding. The navigation of screens and information is intuitive and without issue, again using colour coding to assist the user identify issues early.

Cabin noise is soft and quiet, offering no real change even with higher engine revs.
Visibility of the blade is greatly improved, offering a view of the wings at many angles and not just at maximum. The mirrors work well and the rear window offers a good view all around the rear. Prinoth have inserted a internal light control panel on the left arm rest which can illuminate the area above the sun visors, the two infrared lights offering much desired visibility of the controls and the white led overall cabin lights.

It is spacious without being wasteful, demonstrated by the ability to change drivers inside without anyone having to leave. even with passengers, the view out is not restricted.
Despite the wet conditions, low temperature and three bodies inside, the ventilation system coped well and kept all the glass clear.

Once the new Leitwolf is started, the overall experience can begin. In soft snow the new leitwolf has tendency to move off the drivers intended route and can require constant adjustment to stay on track. It must be said however that this is likely to be the case in any machine in such conditions faced during test.

Due to the conditions, the ability to test the increased ride height and shortened wheelbase was limited. You could however see the changes with the settings and perhaps two grousers less when at increased ride height which did help with climbing ability as we tried both settings. The machine was still capable of steering and driving up the soft snow, assisted by some tiller steering, but even if the tiller drag became too much, the new Leitwolf would continue to climb from a stuck position if the tiller was raised.

It was noted during the test that the stick control was good and machine reacted well to small inputs for the sticks.

The smooth powerful engine unit delivers plenty of torque and pushing power, even working below the green economy zone. Despite the weight of the snow, the machine was able to move as much as the traction would allow, without hesitation or apparent effort. despite the new 510hp, it appeared quite reasonable on fuel consumption and during our day testing, only consumed 1/4 tank of diesel despite climbing and pushing tests.

The Parallel offset tiller really works! Being used whilst marking a new edge, it moves perfectly down the side of the edge without affecting the path of the machine or without running over the heaped snow, making those frustrating small snow balls at the edge of the piste a thing of the past! Moving from full offset each side is smooth and again does not affect machine path. It can catch the snow that awaits processing whilst leaving an acceptable finish on the other side. The offset also worked particularly well on a last finishing run where the snow could be easily captured before spilling unprocessed under the flaps. This will inevitably become a much desired feature by any driver who takes pride in what they leave behind! And let's not forget the vibrating blade - your going to love that feature!

Due to some code access, we were unable to access and adjust personal settings. From the option however it looks like it is possible to adjust sensitivity and speed of components to the drivers liking.
The adaptive suspension control offered little apparent change in the conditions during test so it is unsure if this will play any significant role.
Due to restrictions of testing, we were unable to trial the alternate ram position on the blade to determine how beneficial this consideration will be to owners.

- Mercedes model OM 460 LA
- Exhaust emission standard EPA TIER 4 i (Euromot III B)
- Turbo diesel direct injection and intercooling, high pressure injection system with individual injection pumps and fully electronic engine management
- Number of cylinders 6 in line
- Total displacement 12,820 cm³
- Engine power 375 kW (510 hp) at 1,800 rpm
- Max. torque 2,200 N•m at 1,300 rpm
- Fuel tank capacity 280 l
- AdBlue 40 l
- Engine brake

- Width tracks 4500 mm
- Width blade max/min 5950 mm / 5050mm
- Width tiller 5320 mm
- Width tiller with flaps down 6520 mm
- Length with blade and tiller 9200 mm
- Length blade to the back of the tracks 6650 mm
- Length tracks 4660 mm
- Length back of tracks to back of tiller 1900 mm
- Height 2850
- Height with Sherpa winch 3500 mm

- Track working surface 13,5 m2
- Drive pumps 175 cm3 Bosch Rexroth BR 40
- Drive motors 125 cm3 Bosch Rexroth
- Gearbox Bosch Rexroth
- Speed 22,5 km/t
- Sherpa winch with 4.5 t pullforce, WINCONTROL, up to 1200m rope length
- Individual configuration of the driving characteristics for 6 users
- 6 xenon front lamps consisting of:
- 2 dim ligths
- 2 travelling ligths
- 2 work ligths
- 2 xenon rear work lamps
- 2 flashing lights, position lamps and indicators
- 1 search light

Make sure to watch the testvideo! Prinoth New Leitwolf test

Photo copyright: Espen Børresen, Ole Kristoffer Hole Olsen, Neil Robertson

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